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            Omnes Sancti Sovereign Chapter 193
             Concord West - Sydney - Australia

Rose Croix research materials & copies of Chapter Homily

       This archive contains miscellaneous ROSE CROIX 18TH DEGREE research & investigation materials for the use of Chapter Members only. The papers are here published for fair dealing for education and teaching purposes ONLY, and may not be reproduced without written permission.
       All possible efforts have been made to acknowledge the considerable Masonic Research & writing undertaken by the many Princes & Illustrious Brothers who have contributed their precious thoughts and discoveries here.
       THANK YOU TO THEM ALL! This Chapter Archive of their collective searching and exacting exploration, is a monument to their devotion, Masonic Focus & grand erudition.

Index to Rose Croix Research Papers

  The Schools Sovereign Chapter.

Discussion of important Biblical References and sources of inspiration.

  John Wesley Sovereign Chapter Discussion Paper.

Discussion of some vital sociological and community concerns for the Order.

  The Christian Implications of the 18th Degree.

The import of Isaiah Chapter 53 for the Order, and the relevance of a Past or “anticipated” Messiah?!

  Dominus Vobiscum.

Discussion of the Cross of Salem, and important Latin phrases.

  English Rose Croix History.

Discussion of the vexed and colourful chronology of certain Degree ceremony.

  The Feast of Fraternal Affection.

Discussion of the fraternal sharing and communal aspects of our Order.

  From Solomon to the Eighteenth Degree.

From Genesis, to Cyrus, to Antiochus’s atrocities, to the Sadducees, to the Essenes,  and the historical struggles for Spiritual Control of Man; the “religion of the Book”, or,  the New Message of day to day “practical love”? All just as relevant today.

  Heritage of the Messiah.

Discussion of the Historical setting within which the New Testament arose. Was Herod within the “Davidic Succession” or was he ….  “an Arab Usurper?”

  The Holy & Rightness Men of Old.

The succession from Moses, to Tobit, to Constantine! Although Constantine was Baptised only late in life, surely his presence at the Christian Council of Nicaea in 325 makes him


an Illustrious founder of the Trinitarian Christian Faith.?!

  Holy Empire.

Traces the basis of Roman Power, to the Council of the Bishops of Nicea, to Frederick the Great, to establishment in 1801 of the Southern Supreme Council USA and the Grand Constitutions of 1786.

  The Name of the 18th Degree.

References from ancient Hebrew, Charlemagne in 801AD, the Psalms, Shakespear, and Dante.

  Rose Committee Luncheon.

Discussion of that most precious flower of our Order. Brings together references from all ages and genres. 

  The Rosy Cross. Paper one.

Discusses the historical flow from the “the “chemical wedding” of the Rosicrucian Manifestos, to the Enlightenment, English Rationalism and the St James Bible; hopefully separates our “precious metal from the dross” once and for all. ?!

  Royal Arch of Enoch.

From the Apocalyptic Testaments, to THE travels & VISIONS,  and its evolution within the Masonic Traditions.

  The Thirteenth Degree.
    Discussion of the tradition of the Temple of Enoch;  only tireless & persistent searches and learning will get us anywhere.
  Some aspects of our heritage from Ancient Egypt.

Discussion of the Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt, Monotheist, their evolving symbolic power:  and other ancient antecedents of all spiritual endeavours.

  The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

Discussion of Raphael (the divine healer), and history of the evolution of various Degrees and Orders: role of Frederick the Great with his Grand Constitution of 1762, and the establishment ( by fraternal and agreed Vote in 1985) of the Australian Supreme Council.

  The Ark of the Covenant.

There are over 200 references to the Ark in the Old Testament. This Discussion Paper tries to explain and illuminate many of them. Brilliant set of learned footnotes and references.

  The Rose.
    Discussion of the ….. elegance, romance, love & perfection, and peace of its “silence”.
  The Rosy Cross. Paper two (by Stewart)

Discussion of many aspects of the origins of some of workings of our Order.

  The seven circles around which you have travelled.
    Discussion of some of the important allergies and the symbolic language of some workings; with fascinating literary and Bible references.
  The Jewel of the Eighteenth Degree.

Discussion of the countless Biblical, prophetic,  literary and historical allusion and references.

  The sign of the Good Shepard.

Discussion of this beautiful aspect, with scholarly references and insights into the ritual meanings behind the concept.

  The Sword.
    Discussion of symbolic aspects from Macbeth, Wagner’s Ring Cycle, Tennyson, Tolkien, the Knights Templar, to our own use of Ephesians! Readers will never look at their “sword” the same way again!
  The Veil of the Temple was Rent in Twain.

Discussion of the meaning of this sensitive aspect:  from Solomon, to Nero in AD 66, & and the sad fate of the modern Holy City.

  Heritage of the Messiah.
    Discussion of the complex politico-religious history between the “two Testaments”;  from Alexander the great in 333BC, to Herod.
  The Words of the 18th Degree.

Discussion of the Biblical, semantic and linguistic background to many of our fundamental concepts and symbols.

  Three Illustrious Ascensions.

Very scholarly exposition of the stories of Enoch, Elijah and Mohamed. Fascinating references from the Qur’an, the Pentateuch &  Talmud, and The Book of Kings.

  A potpourri from Rose Croix.

(The best is last.) Best entry level discussion for the Newly Perfected Prince. Discusses in general but colourful terms, many of the primary tenants and symbols of the Order. Enjoy!

  Recent Omnes Sancti Homily. Ian.

Chapter discussion paper from our Regular meeting of February 2007.

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