Last Years Photos

Our Chapter Hall Marks requires dinner suit and black tie.

Potential Princes.

The Chapter remains eternally grateful to the tireless efforts of our Senior Illustrious Brothers and all those who have pioneered and trod-down our Masonic paths.

Under the careful guidance of their Most Wise Sovereign; Princes enjoying the Emulation Rituals of the Intermediate Degrees (Degrees 4 to 17 inclusive). Here is the Regalia of the 7th Degree “Provost & Judge” (left), and of the 4th Degree “Secret Master” (at right).

The Regalia of an 18th Degree Rose Croix Mason.

A Newly Perfected Prince with two “Very” Illustrious Brothers (33*).

Macquarie Rose Croix Chapter.

The Omnes Sancti Sovereign Chapter 193 Princes Rose Croix has strong personal ties with many Craft Lodges, both local and those that meet at the Sydney Masonic Centre in Castlereagh Street Sydney. AUSTRALIA. Headquarters of the UNITED GRAND LODGE OF NEW SOUTH WALES AND THE AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY.

A Most Wise Sovereign of the Chapter (who Chairs the ceremonial meetings) wears a special Collaret & Jewel. This regalia is handed from each MWS to the next.

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