R O S E  C R O I X

            Omnes Sancti Sovereign Chapter 193
             Concord West - Sydney - Australia

Chapter Meeting Details


The Rose Croix year promises to be an interesting and progressive one for the Chapter.

It is our first chance to consolidate the current modern, youthful direction of the Chapter, whilst progressing all new Princes in their respective Office Progression.

2012 The highlight is sure to be the Enthronement of our new Most Wise Sovereign. This will be a Full Enthronement: a rarity in the Jurisdiction. Our current First General has worked hard  in making a very dedicated and skilled contribution to our Ritual, Ceremonies and Refectory these last 4 years, and very much deserves his opportunity.   

       The Meeting on the 18th February, might be a Perfection Ceremony, otherwise our annual Officer Elections and three interesting Homilies will take place.

       The Meetings on the 18th August and 17th November (always the third monday), will be Perfection Ceremonies, for one or more Candidates. Our new MWS has storehoused his own Candidates to ensure he has an active year.

The Holden Chapter of Improvement will meeting as usual at Ryde Masonic Temple on every (Fifth) 5th Wednesday, commencing on the 30th April, for the 16th Degree. All new Princes are strongly encouraged to attend every meeting so as to ensure that all Degrees 4 to 17 are attended or participated-in, during each 3 year cycle of those important Intermediate Degrees. All Degrees are available on CD and reward careful study.  (NB: The nature of the Holden Chapter and presentation of those Degrees 5 times a year,  in now uncertain, now that it may have to cater for BOTH Christian and Non-Christian Members of our Order? TBA).

All enquiries: apike@rosecroix.org.au

Recorder: (02) 9264 8828, 0418 404 222, PO Box 7725 Bondi Beach NSW 2026




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