I, ., in the presence of TGAOTU and of this Worshipful and warranted Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, regularly assembled and properly dedicated, of my own free will and accord, do hereby solemnly promise and swear that I will keep secret the Institutions of the Order and the means it employs to attain its great aim.

That I shall observe the commandment "Do unto others as you would they do unto you". That within the lodge I shall recognize no civil or political connections, still less take into account religious tenets, but will only acknowledge perfect equality, and give preference to and obey only those to whom the management of the lodge is entrusted.

I shall discharge my duties as a man and a citizen and remain loyal to lawful authority. I likewise solemnly promise to promote the aims of Freemasonry to the best of my ability by word, writing, deed and example, in all my dealings and conduct, and promise to obey the Constitution and Laws of Grand Lodge.

And, lastly, I promise secrecy concerning the manner of working, the formalities, symbols, signs of recognition and whatever is transacted at Masonic Meetings and I consent that, in case I violate this solemn obligation, all relationship between me and the Brotherhood shall cease and that I be proclaimed unworthy to be a member of the Order.

So help me God and keep me steadfast in this, my solemn obligation, being that of an Apprentice Freemason.




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