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Latest on the De-Christianisation of the Ancient & Accepted Rite in Australia


Supreme Council Circular 07-14, issued on the 14th Spetember 2007

Supreme Council Circular 07-15, issued on the 2nd November 2007

Supreme Council letter and Notice dated 16/01/08
(contains new proposed Non-Christian Membership Application Form for admission to the ROSE CROIX Degree)

Supreme Council letter & Notice dated 17/01/08
(contains purported amendments to the Regulations of the Supreme Council of Australia for the 33*)

The Grand Constitutions of 1786

The Supreme Council for the 33* for Australia is attempting to introduce Chapters and new Rituals which do away with the exclusive ancient nature of the Order & Rite (as known in the Councils previously established by the Supreme Council of England & Scotland), as being exclusively and essentially Christian in Nature and Practise. (As enshrined in Paragraph 2.2 of our Regulations, and else where.)

An untrammelled Masonic & Legal Right is claimed for this development, pursuant to the Ancient Prussian Constitution document (purportedly the “Grand Constitution of the Rite”) of 1786. That document was signed in Berlin, by Fredrick the Great, then King of Prussia;  (copy of translation from original Latin version, not the often referred to French translation, linked herewith.)

This means that Ritual Practises of a Theist, Pantheist, Polytheist, Deist, or “universal” character might now be organised and practised by the Order in Australia. As no definition or prototype ritual has been advised, it is unknown what the content will be.    We have however, been advised by a Past MP:

       “That all and any references to “Jesus”, a “saviour”, or Christian revelation & its explicit principals as a basic of Faith, will be excised from the existing Rose Croix Ritual”. The Status of the New Testament or any testament is unclarified.

Existing Sovereign Chapters & Councils can elect to continue using the old Ritual; but will be subject to accepting Visitors from the new Non-Christian Chapters & making appropriate arrangements in their Refectory for them.

Obviously, this move opens up an enormous range of exciting new International Affiliations and Recognitions (& non-recognitions) across the Globe.

At the time of posting this update however, it appeared that certain Consultative, Administrative, and Masonic Jurisprudence issues and due procedures were still in process, in relation to the moves. These are all due to be expedited.

The following documents are linked for the private information and consideration of Members of Omnes Sancti Chapter ONLY. They are presented in accordance with Supreme Council Directions that they be published to all Members. They are presented herein without comment.

All enquiries: apike@rosecroix.org.au

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