More history of the De-Christianizing of the Australian Order. A 2012 Update

The Supreme Council always required the full nine (9) Members of the Council to unanimously approve the introduction of a  Non Christian/non-Trinitarian Ritual to the order.
In 2008/9 the last remaining Supreme Council member Most Illustrious Bro Arthur J. Smith 33*, who opposed this move, continued in Office.  

Bro Arthur Smith saw the moves as an Irregular and Unconstitutional apostasy of the centuries old traditions of the Order.
As a  breach of the Fiduciary  Trust  (Trinitarian Christian) Duties ; especially towards the Trust  funds and assets belonging to the Order, etc.  
He also felt it was a treacherous breach of the sacred oaths and obligations of every Member of the Order, especially its Leaders in Australia, not the least of which was the Oath given to the Supreme Council for England in 1985, by Most Illustrious Bro John Keith Lawrence 33* (see Old Newsletter Chapter on this Web site.), when the new Australian Supreme Council was enabled  at the SMC in Goulburn st. Sydney.

Most Illustrious Bro. Arthur J. Smith 33* AM (Past Master for Western Australian) was hounded and driven from his Supreme Council Membership/office position.
He was directly denied attendance/access to the June 2008 Supreme Council Annual Meeting, despite STILL then being a official and long standing Supreme Council Member.
He received legal style letters of demand and threats, eg, for the return of his Ceremonial Chain of Office He was denied funding for his travel from Western Australia for the Meeting. He was unjustifiably cut off from all information and communication with the Grand East and the other Members of Supreme Council.
He suffered a Unilateral expulsion from the Supreme Council for Australian, and his Appeals and other Pleas for justice or legality were ignored.

He died of a broken heart two weeks after that 2008 Supreme Council meeting; where his forced absence, inter alia, allowed the passing of the new Rules facilitating the introduction of the Non Christian element to the order, and the de-Christianizing of the Ritual for the new Theists or universalist (anything) Chapter.

So in 2009 a new Non Christian Chapter was consecrated.  Its latest (2010) Most Wise Sovereign and first newly enthroned one, Died in Office (aged 40), just two months after his Enthronement, currently leaving that Chapter is disarray.

This Theists Group holds its Meetings and conducts its Ceremonys(sic) without any Holy Book, or Bible, or Book of the Law/Lore present or open in the Chapter room.  All themes and notions of Religiosity or New testament sentiments have been expunged from the previous Christian Ritual. It is a sterilized version of the previous Rose Croix Ritual, with “Greeting Card” style poetry substituted for Christian references.

The Universalist Candidate takes a simple “promise” on a hardback copy of the old Albert Pike edited edition of the Faxsimilie/reproduced version of the Ol’ Prince Frederick of Prussia’s version of the Order’s Regulations.
Yes, the 1776 and 1789 Constitution/Regulations so derided in most  Masonic Historical commentary as a fake and fraud.
(Although the Historical A&A Order does take some of its Rules and Structure from this old document, attributing some quasi-mystical or sacred attributes to it, and revering it, (as a substitute Holy Book?),  is widely and correctly regarded as the deeps of cheap demagogy and  child-like superstition.

Many in the Australian Order firmly believe that the Grand East’s insistence that all new (Non-Christian) members of the Order must enjoy full visitation (and appropriate dinning) Rights to all remaining Christian Ritual Chapters as an unacceptable imposition and doctrinal aposta,sy.
The major Assets of the Order were legally transferred to or acquired in the name of, a  Pty Limited Company limited by Guarantee; (with several current and past Supreme Council Members as its Directors), before the above moves took place. That Company does not have Christian Objectives, Goals, and Purposes, in accordance with the fundamental Principals of the Order.

Basically, there being, inter alia,  no Bible or Holy Book open during it ceremonies, this Universalist Rose Croix Chapter not only offends fatally against the basic Landmarks of Freemasonry, but it it also breaches the Order’s Concordat Agreements with the United Grand  Lodge of NSW & ACT. This deviation takes the Supreme Council for the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite for Australia well off into  (no-man’s-land) quasi-masonic territory where the mainstream Grand Lodges of the World (and UGLNSW), and most of the English speaking Grand Easts/Supreme Council’s are unable to either recognise or condone it or legitimately remain in amity with it.

Our Most Illustrious Brother Arthur J. Smith 33* is indeed the Hiram Abiff of Our Times.


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