Now consider the Thirteenth Degree, as promulgated in 1974 in relation to the above. This mystical Degree follows the Twelfth Degree, that of Grand Master Architect: the Temple has been completed and the School of Architecture established following the death of Hiram Abiff. Thus the Rite of Perfection is completed. The 14th degree follows, describing the Recovery of the Lost Word, the Ineffable four-letter Tetragrammaton, after the discovery of the Sacred Treasure in the vaults below Enoch's temple.

The legend is that the G.A.O.T.U. appearing to Enoch in a vision, bearing him to the top of a Mountain which reaches to the Heavens. There he is shown His True Name, engraved upon a Plate of Gold, and taught him how to pronounce it. Thence Enoch was transported through a series of subterranean Vaults, one below another, and in the lowest he finds a similar Plate of Gold inscribed with the same characters. Enoch was, however, strictly forbidden ever to utter The Name.

Thereupon Enoch constructed a series of Vaults, similar to those he had seen in the vision inscribing the Sacred Name on one side of a plate of Gold and the ancient Master-Word on the other. He then deposited the Plate in the lowest Vault, and after sealing the topmost Vault, he erected above it a simple Temple.

After the Translation of Enoch, all knowledge of the vowel sounds of  The Name was lost until God again communicated them to Moses upon Mount Sinai to be taught in succession to the High Priests.

The tradition of the Temple of Enoch passed down the Ages, though the Temple itself had fallen into ruins. When Solomon had dedicated the Temple in Jerusalem he determined to explore below the foundations of a certain ruined building and with Hiram, King of Tyre entrusted the task to three of the Grand Master Architects, Guibelum, Joabert, and Stolkin.

When the rubble was cleared away a large square Stone was uncovered. Below was an opening, which proved to be in the top of a vaulted chamber into which Guibelum descended and penetrated into two more Vaults. At the third attempt he succeeded in reaching the lowest Vault in which he found the Sacred Treasure.





With the help of his companions the Plate was brought to the surface, and borne to the two Grand Masters through the nine Arches leading to the Secret Vault, which had been formed beneath the Holy of Holies. They received it with great joy, and, as a reward created the three Architects Princes of the Royal Arch. Thereafter the Secret Vault was known as the Sacred Vault.

The above description was modified in 1990 with a revision of the Ritual, but the general splendour of these underground chambers and the connecting passage arches is not to be forgotten, lost for centuries under ruins. It is now disclosed, a most precious treasure, reminding us and the candidate, that in all our endeavours, by pursuing the paths of honour and duty, we will perform faithfully the part assigned to us in this world.




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